The prominent US newspaper The New York Times published a first-page article by Sabrina Tevernise on Turkish Schools in Pakistan in its May 4, 2008 edition Subsequently the same article was published in your esteemed newspaper on May 5, 2008. Touching on various forward-looking and constructive aspects of our schools, the article also arouses a number of misinterpretations which urgently need clarification. On behalf of the PakTurk International Cag Educational Foundation, it is clarified that this organisation disagrees and disowns some contents of the article as it taints the name and image of the PakTurk Schools. The said portions of the article portray Ms Tavernise's views and approach; therefore it does not bind the PAKTURK ICEF and its institutions. As for the PakTurk frame of mind, a Muslim cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a Muslim. We are simple Muslims, and we, likewise our sister concerns worldwide, do not differentiate among the members of Pakistani society by artificial divisions in sects, beliefs, schools of thought, ethnicity and the like titles. We approach everyone as they are. The way 13 branches of PakTurk educational institutions have been acknowledged and approved by the people of Pakistan for more than a decade in 7 cities of Pakistan is a solid evidence of the schools' unifying attitude and all-encompassing viewpoint for the social harmony and integrity of the people and the country of Pakistan. We are of the view that religion and science do not contradict, rather they are the aspects of a single, ultimate truth to serve the entire humanity. PakTurk Schools have never had such aims or intentions as mentioned in the NYT article that "gentle Islam" (sic) is 'taught' by PakTurk Schools in Pakistan. PakTurk School System centers in on scientific education in line with preparing its students for meeting the current and forthcoming collective challenges of the 21st century. What we really asserted during the interviews was our fear and concern about the unfair treatment of Pakistani community in the eyes of the world due to a couple of bad examples. We draw our motivation from our love, affection and dedication to the people and the country of Pakistan. We never feel out of place in Pakistan thanks to the love and affection shown to us by our Pakistani brothers and sisters since the very beginning.-FESIH ELIK, Managing Director, PAKTURK ICEF, Islamabad, May 7.