The constitution of Pakistan has allocated a fixed quota for each province of Pakistan. But the powerful people have contrived a new system of short listing and reappointment of the retired officials to appoint their cronies on plum jobs. This murder of merit was initiated by previous governments to accommodate their favourites. Thus, they wittingly violated the quota system and trampled the fundamental rights of people of smaller provinces in the name of merit and reappointment. Their myopic policy has created a sense of deprivation in the smaller provinces to the extent that now the people have taken arms against their own country. The present government is solicited to institute a committee of parliamentarians and judges of the Supreme Court to investigate and accord due share to the smaller provinces that was usurped by the previous government. The smaller provinces must be compensated and reappointment on contractual system be abolished so that sense of deprivation would in the smaller provinces can be mitigated. -PROF DR ABDUL QAYUM MANGI, Sukkur, via e-mail, May 1.