USA-UK are using 'crying wolf' as a strategic policy weapon to exaggerate the danger of terrorist threats originating from Pakistan. This policy became apparent from July 2005 when a terrorist plot in the UK was said to have originated from Pakistan. The three Pakistanis indicted in this case have since been cleared of all charges. India and Afghanistan also try to attribute every problem and catastrophe in their countries on the ISI and Pakistan. The more recent UK accusation of 11 Pakistanis of a bomb plot planned in Britain appeared to be a hoax right from the start. The statement of Gordon Brown that 75 percent of all terrorist plots in Britain originate out of Pakistan's Northern Areas was based on deception. The objective behind the 'crying wolf' is to get Pakistan to 'do more'. This is because the architects of this strategy have realised that 'do more' is getting Pakistan into a quagmire from which it will not be able to get out. The British have quite a reputation of leaving intractable problems for their colonies when forced to quit. The Kashmir issue and the problem of feudalism are only two of the many problems that corroborate the evil ingenuity of the British. The USA-UK duplicity is also apparent when they accuse Pakistan of doing what they themselves are doing in this region. For example, they are accusing ISI of connivance with the Taliban when the USA and UK have been using their intelligence agencies to penetrate militant organisations to get acts of terror committed against the Muslim world, especially Pakistan because it is the only Muslim country having nuclear power. A British national James Alexander Mclintock was arrested in Pakistan in 2001 and deported back to the UK. However he returned to Pakistan and had been living illegally in this country since 2004 and penetrated some militant outfits. Almost simultaneously the British government arrested 11 Pakistani students in northwest England accusing them of organising acts of terror in the UK. Since there was no evidence against them, the students could not be tried in a court, and are being repatriated to Pakistan. This might be a subtle way to get the Government of Pakistan to repatriate Mclintock, instead of trying him so that any proof the Pakistani government might have implicating MI6 doesn't get exposed. Furthermore, Obama said Pakistan will not be given a 'blank cheque', at a time when the USA itself was trying to get a 'blank cheque' from Pakistan to agree to conduct joint operations in FATA. USA-UK appears to have adopted the policy of accusing Pakistan of doing what they themselves are doing against Pakistan. CIA, MI6 and other intelligence outfits of the developed countries have been organising acts of terror all over the world. They have been getting civil wars ignited in the developing world, killing genuine and democratic leaders in the developing world, getting innocent men, women and children killed in order to take control of the oil and other natural resources that belong to the developing world. The CIA gave badly cooked up evidences on the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in order to justify Iraq's invasion, funding Nicaragua's rightwing Contra rebels in advanced terrorism tactics in the 1980s, using the US proxy, the Unita rebels in Angola to plant landmines causing amputations to a large part of the population, infecting innocent Libyan children with HIV AID virus, bombing thousands of poor men, women and children using drones in Pakistan and other developing countries, throwing ferocious dogs at innocent little Afghan children during search operations. The documents recently released by Obama showed that water-boarding, sleep deprivation, nudity and putting insects in a tightly confined space for prisoners were allowed under the Bush administration. Although Obama has forbidden these practices, he said he would not prosecute agents who used them on the poor and helpless Afghani, Iraqi and other victims. Abandoning these practises is not enough. President Obama will have to do more, if he wants to restore America's lost credibility and the high moral ground that the US takes to lecture countries on human rights violations. If the ISI had committed such heinous crimes USA-UK would never have hesitated to declare it a terrorist organisation and take punitive action against it. However in spite of the shameful activities of the CIA and MI6, USA-UK have the audacity to orchestrate a malicious campaign against the ISI. The New World Order that is being unleashed by USA and UK behind the faade of the war against terror does not allow intelligence agencies from the Muslim world to even have the muscle to protect their own people, while CIA and MI6 can go on a rampage to loot, plunder and kill all over the world with impunity. Barack Obama made a statement that Pakistan will have to provide proofs of its commitment to the so-called war against terror. But Obama will also have to provide proof to his statement that the so-called war against terror is not a war against Muslims. Besides this, the USA and UK will also have to prove that they are not pursuing any hidden agendas behind the so-called War The author is a research professor at the Applied Economics Research Centre, University of Karachi E-mail: