Dr. Shahid Masood wasted an ideal opportunity to ask pertinent questions in his Washington interviews. For example, how do Taliban (Afghan and Pakistani) manage to acquire such modern weaponry and communication systems and what are their funding sources? What has US, NATO/ISAF done to choke the arms or funds flow and what, indeed, to control poppy cultivation, the suspected funding source? Since the liberators went into Afghanistan, the poppy output has multiplied by leaps and bounds. What are US/allies doing for expeditious repatriation of close to three million Afghan refugees who cross the border regularly and are suspected source of major drug and arm smuggling into Pakistan. How long are Pakistanis expected to host these unwelcome guests? American and their allies keep pressing Pakistan to 'do more' and stop infiltrations, something they themselves have failed to do on their side with most modern satellite-tracking systems. Pakistan suggested 'border fencing' but this received little or no support from Afghanistan and its current protectors. If US can fence its borders with Mexico to stop economic migrants, why not pursue this with vigor to control the infiltrations; often cited as a cause of continuing and growing insurgency in Afghanistan. It appears Dr. Masood gets overwhelmed by the setting. -QASIM KAZMI, Sharjah, UAE, via e-mail, April 25.