The meaning of the word Preamble in the constitution denotes "an introductory paragraph in a statute, deed or other formal document setting forth its grounds and intentions". This was supposed to be in the form of the 'Objectives Resolution' as Grundnorm of the 1973 constitution. Being a substantive part (as per Article 2-A) of the constitution, it is independent and self-sufficient. However later on it was relegated to the status of any other article without any role as the governing spirit of other articles of the constitution. This tends to reduce the constitution to a statement contradicting itself if it is not guided by the principles laid down in the Preamble. If the Preamble is treated like any other article without being considered the over-riding spirit of the constitution, there would be no binding of the constitution by a central idea, no soul of the constitution so to speak. As such the constitution would become a cacophony of different articles without a central theme that serves as the beacon light to interpret other articles. It is time the Apex Court revisited the reduced role of the Preamble of the constitution and restored its pristine status as a Grundnorm. -DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore Cantt, May 04.