Two attacks overnight in Bangkok's main financial district, leaving two policemen dead and at least 10 others injured, local media said. The first attack occurred around 10:45 p.m. when one man on a motorbike opened fire in front a local bank on Silom road, leaving three policemen and four passerbys injured, the Matichon online reported.One policeman who was shot in the stomach died early Saturday morning in hospital, the Matichon said. Around 01:30 a.m. an explosion hit one gate of a nearby park, leaving one policeman dead and four others injured. Police believe that it was caused by M-79 grenade and the two attacks must be done by the same group of people.It is the second time that the attacks hit Silom road since April 22 when several M-79 grenade attacks hit the same area, leaving one woman dead and nearly 100 injured. Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit has called for an urgent meeting of the government's Center for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) on Saturday to discuss the latest situation. The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship also known as the red-shirts has denied links with the two attacks.