KARACHI - The power game has claimed a number of lives in the metropolitan as at least 605 people including 69 women have been killed in different incidents over the last four months of the current year (From January to April). This was disclosed by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Co-Chairperson Iqbal Haider while providing the data regarding the target-killings at a press conference during the first four months of the current year here on Friday. HRCP National Coordinator Hussain Naqi and Asad Batt were also present on the occasion. Iqbal Haider stated that actual figures of the killings were higher than the given figures, while most of the culprit involved in the killings remained at large that was another cause of the increase in the incidents of target killings. Similarly, FIRs of only 10 percent of the incidents could be launched which shows the negligence of the government and the law-enforcement agencies while struggle for gaining more power was the reason behind these killings. He urged the government to take immediate and strict measures to control such alarming situation, and the culprits should not be allowed to take the law into their hands. He also claimed that some of the culprits involved in the targeted-killings have had links with the political parties both in the govt and in opposition. Mentioning the incidents of the killings, Iqbal Haider said that at least 79 target killings were reported within four months, in which 59 political activist were among the deceased beside 10 people were targeted in different sectarian killings, 25 people were killed after being kidnapped, 17 were killed by stray bullets, 20 women were killed by their relatives. Similarly, 26 women were killed on different disputes and 8 women were burnt, 17 were killed in the alleged police encounters, 23 children were killed, 16 policemen were killed, 90 people were killed due to personal enmity, 34 people including a woman and a child were killed in dacoities, 30 dead bodies were found, 6 security guards were killed, 3 under trails prisons were killed in the different jails, 25 people including 14 women were killed in the bomb blasts, 3 people were killed due to drinking toxic liquor. The political activists of different political parties who were killed in the incidents of target-killings incidents 29 activists of MQM-H, 13 of MQM, 4 were of PPP workers, 4 of ANP, 2 of PPP-SB activists, 2 JUI workers while each activist were killed of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Punjabi Front, Jamaat-e-Islami, Sepah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Sunni Tehreek.