LAHORE - Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) on Friday said that the miscreants destroyed 220-KV Double Circuit Uch-Guddu-Sibbi transmission line at Chattar Flouji District Naseerabad, Quetta. The miscreant also destroyed 9 electricity towers by removing accessories like 2100 net bolts, 1251 braces, bumpers, numbers of joint plates, 220-KV conductors, 27-KMs wire and stole all available material from the sites of nine towers, which resulted in shortfall and extensive load shedding of 42 affected grid stations of QESCO. Officials said that the engineers and staff of NTDC, QESCO with the help of Balochistan Reserve Police managed to erect 6 towers after working day and night. Rehabilitation and repair work is still underway and remaining three towers will be erected very soon and the supply of electricity through 220-Kv transmission line to the affected areas of Balochistan will be resumed soon.