With the orders of IMF, fuel prices have been enhanced once again. Step by step, we are marching towards Rs. 120 per liter of petrol. Power is scarce and whatever little left, is not for the masses anyway. In short, Pakistan is being dragged into the Stone Age. The rulers are busy in trivial things such as fake degrees or appointment of judges. The masses are driven to the wall struggling to provide even milk to their infants or food to their children. Smugglers, corrupt people and hoarders are showing off their money by spending sprees in Dubai and European capitals. Pakistan is being destroyed bit by bit. The only nuclear Islamic power is slowly being folded up. They want to create such turmoil in the country that the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan becomes a threat to the world peace. So they can either denuclearize this country or apply the Bush strategy of coming to get 'weapons of mass destruction. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, May 1.