LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has asked the federal government to refrain from creating hurdles in the return of principal accused in Bank of Punjab fraud case, Hamesh Khan, from America to Pakistan, stressing that recovery of the embezzled money to the tune of billions of rupees and bringing the culprits to task is not possible without return of the Hamesh. In a statement issued here Friday, Shahbaz said a US court has ordered the extradition of Hamesh Khan, but the federal government, especially the Law Ministry, is not writing the requisite letter to the American administration for his return despite the BoPs several reminders. He said if this matter was delayed any further, his extradition would be impossible under the American law. Therefore, this matter needs immediate attention and intervention of the Prime Minister who, besides issuing necessary instructions, should also take notice of the fact as to why the ministry concerned was creating hurdles in this regard. According to him, a number of questions are arising in the minds of the people of Pakistan by the delaying tactics being used in the return of the culprit involved in Rs12 billion fraud, the biggest bank heist in the countrys history. He said: People are wondering that while dictator Pervez Musharraf facilitated the escape of Hamesh Khan, charged with an unprecedented crime perpetrated with the connivance of his puppet rulers in Punjab, why the present rulers were playing the same game by impeding the criminals return. He said Punjab government despite all the hurdles would bring the culprits to justice who inflicted massive loss on the public money. The CM further said that the federal government was hesitating to implement the Supreme Courts orders regarding the return of Hamesh Khan, describing the fact a glaring violation of the court orders. He deplored the fact that the federal government is pursuing a policy of ignoring the court orders while selfish interests were taking precedence over national interests. He demanded the federal government to issue the necessary letter to seek return of Hamesh Khan.