KARACHI - Sindh Home Department on Friday issued notification allowing prisoners to keep their wives inside the jail premises for one night in every three months. According to the notification, those convicts whose term of imprisonment exceeds five years would be allowed to keep their wives with them for one night. It further revealed that the convicts who are convicted on the charges of terrorism or anti-state activities would not be allowed to avail the facility. Those convicts who have more than one wives could be allowed alternate night for each time at a time. While the children below the age of six will be allowed to accompany their mother, while Superintendent Jail shall maintain all relevant record about the date of visit and other particulars of the convicts spouse under the supervision of Deputy Superintendent Jail. Monthly statement of convicts who have availed such privileges shall be sent to Inspector General of Prisons. The notification informed the prisoners that every convict prisoner would submit a photocopy of his Nikahnama to Jail Superintendent at the time or before his conviction through trial court.