ISLAMABAD Despite being a defaulter of Rs 1.14 million on account of overpayment of TA/DA, unauthorised purchases/transfer grants and pay advance, Shah Mehboob Alam is enjoying a lucrative post of Managing Director, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL). The audit report, recently released by the Auditor General of Pakistan, unveiled that Shah Mahboob Alam, presently working as Managing Director (MD) OGDCL, was appointed Executive Director (Security) of the Company in December, 2008 despite the fact that he was a defaulter of Rs 1.141 million in shape of overpayment of TA/DA, unauthorised purchases/transfer of grants and pay advance. Earlier, Shah was working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minister Pahic London) on deputation. Later, he was made the MD OGDCL after the resignation of Zahid Hussain. However, according to Farooq Rehmat Ullah, ex-Chairman Board of Directors (BoD), OGDCL, 11 members of BoD unanimously passed a resolution against Shah Mehboob Alams appointment. The BoD stand was to appoint a person who knew the working of OGDCL to secure the interests of the Company. According to the Report, as per Last Payment Certificate (LPC) issued by the AGPR on March 5, 2009 in respect of the ex-Joint Director General (BPS-21) office on the National Security Advisor, a sum of Rs 1.141 million was recoverable from Shah Mehboob Alam on account of overpayment of TA/DA advance, unauthorized purchases/transfer grants and pay advance. Shah Mehboob Alam joined OGDCL on deputation vide a notification dated December 16, 2008, as an Executive Director (Security). His salary was fixed at Rs 125,035, however, no recovery was made from him. The matter was reported to the OGDCL management on October 22, 2009 and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources on November 11, 2009. The management in its reply dated December 24, 2009 stated that the unsettled amount pertained to the period when Shah Mehboob Alam was on deputation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and efforts were being made to resolve the matter as the officer was objecting the amount reflected in his LPC. The Departmental Audit Committee (DAC) in its meeting held on December 31, 2009 directed the OGDCL management to recover the outstanding amount from the salary of Shah Mehboob Alam. However, no progress was received till the finalisation of this report, the AGP said. When contacted with Shah Mehboob Alam to get his version on the AGP Report, his Spokesperson Irfan Babar Khan (Manager External Communication & Legal Services), said the Report has wrongly quoted Mehboob Alam as defaulter though he had submitted the default amount and had also applied for NoC. However, according to documents obtained from OGDCL, only Rs 312,611 have been deposited till now against Rs 1.141 million. TheNation repeatedly attempted to get the point of view of the concerned Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Syed Naveed Qamar, however, there was no response from the other side.