The incident involving Faisal Shahzad in New York recently has caused a lot of speculations. Some say it is a reaction of the drone attacks carried out in Waziristan by the Americans. Some others think it is a conspiracy of Americans to involve Pakistan by proving that mostly the people from our homeland are involved in terrorist activities and that this incident would serve as an excuse for the Americans to pressurize Pakistan to do more. Different folks have different views. The common strain running through it all is a realization that the drone attacks and the American brutality towards Pakistani tribal areas have made life miserable for us all and has practically destroyed the conditions for normal family life in our country. They have turned normal men of ours into evil terrorists who are now willing to take any step for revenge. It is time the Americans understood that their early exit from this region is better for their own security. -MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, May 6.