LAHORE A meeting of the energy saving committee District Lahore was held under the chairmanship of Minister for Education Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman here on Friday. The meeting was attended by Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta, Mehar Ishtiaq Ahmad MPA and representatives of departments concerned. Addressing the meeting, the Minister said that it was encouraging that loadshedding schedule was being observed by majority of the traders community and government offices. He assured the representatives that this schedule was a temporary arrangement and would continue till July 31. He further said that loadshedding schedule had proved result-oriented due to public cooperation and apparent decrease had been noted in loadshedding duration. Police representative told that some offices were not observing the government directions for energy conservation, and this attitude of government officials needed special attention of the authorities. The DCO Lahore said that the officers of district administration would approach the concerned head of the departments, and necessary action would be taken against those officers involved in violation of government directions. The Minister also advised the police department that they should cooperate with traders associations for the implementation of loadshedding schedule and avoid creating embarrassment.