The manner in which the issue of Benazirs assassination is being handled is very disturbing. We had a military government in place when she was killed along with scores of others. Can somebody explain to me what action was taken by the Musharraf government or the Punjab government of that time against the individuals responsible for washing down the crime scene with fire-hoses within an hour and a half of the tragedy? If the crime scene had not been washed away, ostensibly on orders of government of the day, they could have proceeded against the criminals responsible. The fact that they did not, casts serious aspersions on those that were in power at the time. They say nobody is above the law. We cannot allow such a brutal act of violence resulting in scores of deaths to pass into oblivion. Submitting to this sort of violence would only serve to encourage others to resort to violence. We have already allowed organizations, individuals and groups too much of leeway in using violence as a political tool to gain power. And they have deprived others of their rights, property and self-respect. Our laxity has led to the present state of lawlessness and near anarchy. Pakistan was not created by our founding fathers to be run like a fiefdom of a few, whether in uniform, bureaucracy or politics. -MALIK TARIQ, Dubai, May 4.