ISLAMABAD (APP) - Germany has started its financial cooperation and assistance to Pakistan in power generation sector through renewable energy to meet the present severe energy crisis here. Pakistan and Germany have signed two agreements recently for producing power through solar and wind and work will be started before the end of the year on these projects, Dr. Michael Koch told reporters here at the National Press Club Friday. The German ambassador said there will be more projects in Pakistan in renewable energy sector as there is great potential for the development of renewable energy, as Pakistan has the capacity to produce 41,722 MW hydro power, 346,000 MW wind power potential and 2.9 million MW from solar system. He said Germany is currently assisting more than 40 countries worldwide in energy projects focusing on the use of renewable energies like hydropower, wind and solar energy. Germany, he said is a largest trading partners with Pakistan through European Union and added that during 2009 the trade volume of Germany with Pakistan remained $1.8 billion although it was slightly less than $2.2 billion recorded in 2008. The ambassador said, Germany is keenly awaiting next Pak-European Union summit being held in Brussels in first week of June to further promote relations with Pakistan. He said there is great willingness among the members of the EU to extend more help and cooperation to Pakistan to resolve its problems. He said Germany has been a major provider of financial assistance to Pakistan in the field of education, health and energy. He said in last meeting of Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) held in Tokyo, Germany pledged 150 million euro and assured to ensure funding in this sector. The ambassador said Germany has also doubled the annual aid to Pakistan. He said presently 1,200 Pakistani students are getting education in different institutions in Germany while 100,000 individuals living and working in Germany either have Pakistani nationality or have dual nationality. Replying to another question of Pak-German cooperation in technical education as it was in the past, the ambassador agreed to look into the option to open technical institutions here in Pakistan with German cooperation to impart training to the young people. He said the two countries have solid relations built on basis of friendship. Replying to a question about giving more access to Pakistan in trade in EU and especially Germany, the ambassador said there a number of qualifications need to be fulfilled for having more access to EU for Pakistan goods. Giving an example of a rule, he said the EU rules required that volume of trade should not be more than 1.0 percent of the EU volume and in case of Pakistan it is 1.5 per cent of the total volume of EU trade that is an impediment to give more access to Pakistani trade to EU. The ambassador said Pakistan has the status of GSP with EU but it is demanding GSP plus status and it is under discussion at various levels within in EU and in Pakistan to go in this direction. German Ambassador said the trade relations between Pakistan and Germany would further flourish in future due to the Investment Protection Treaty signed by the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani during his visit to Germany in December 2009. He said Germany fully supported Pakistan point of view for GSP plus status in European Union. Referring to some other problems, he said, a number of international conventions have not been signed by Pakistan while the most important thing is to fulfil the standards set by EU and its member states. On the question of providing technical assistance to meet the standards of export from Pakistan, he agreed to the proposal and said that efforts could be made to implement this proposal.