THE governments own battle for survival, has taken precedence over the multiple problems facing Pakistan. The democratic polity so to speak is coming up with when my ship comes home arguments before the public which is at the receiving end of all kinds of injustice and is now unbearably frustrated. It reflects in President Zardaris statement that the energy crisis and terrorism would take some more time before they are done away with. In other words, two years have gone down the drain and the future remains uncertain. It seems they have lost sight of the challenges that have been troubling the nation. The power crunch is big enough, yet the shortfall that we are facing today isnt that huge for the state to bridge it. There are Thar coal reserves estimated to be one of the largest in the world and experts are of the view they can suffice for up to 700 years. Not only that. Balochistan is rich with natural gas and recently new reserves have been discovered. The potential of our river and canal system to generate hydroelectric power is likewise beyond any doubt. Then there are scores of independent power producers whose payments are pending with the federal government. However, our besetting sin is our lethargy, which has really brought us where we are. Existing dams like Tarbella, Mangla and others have fallen into a state of neglect and the authorities cannot even keep them in shape. Reservoirs like the Kalabagh dam have been sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. The causes for the scourge of terrorism likewise isnt a rocket science. How can the people not be provoked when drones are destroying their homes and loved ones? It is safe to assume that terrorism would subside to a very large extent when this form of aggression is stopped. The President also talked about the Balochistan issue, but in the same vein, and promised that Agahz-e-haqooq-e-Balochistan package would be implemented soon. How soon remains anyones guess. A considerable time has passed and these soapbox oratories are good for nothing. Target killings and kidnappings for ransom remain the order of the day. CCPP Quetta is so annoyed that he believes that the menace can only be tacked by gunning down the target killers themselves. Though it has been known that India has been fishing in our troubled waters for a long time, the state has not galvanised into action. On the other hand, the people are getting convinced that the governments commitment to them is only skin-seep. The leaderships seemingly ravenous appetite for more time would only come at a great cost for the country.