LAHROE - President Khaksar Tehrik Dr Sabeeha Masharqi has said that the moneyed class has got hold over the country since inception by capturing all resources. Addressing a seven-day training workshop organised by Al-Mashriqi Foundation here on Friday, she said country was facing the problems like bad governance, terrorism, anarchy, inflation, unemployment and loadshedding on account of wrong policies of the government. She laid stress on creating awareness about the golden principles of Islam as well as about our political and social values among the youngsters. She said the masses need to find out themselves the way of progress and development, as the rulers were unable to solve the problems and attend to their needs. On the occasion Khaksar Secretary General Barrister Yousuf Akhatar said that civil society and rulers should pay attention to social training of young generation, which is necessary to make them fight evils in society. The other speakers on the occasion stressed the need to develop the nation according to teachings of Islam. They also underlined the need of promoting social and economic justice to build the society on equality and justice.