Unfortunately our country is infested with beggars of all types. Street begging is a regular nuisance. It is a blot on the name of our country. Begging is an evil. But in Pakistan, it has become an organised fraud and profession. Almost at every busstop, in buses, in trains, in bazaars and near the places of prayer there are hoards of beggars. Our national prestige suffers a good deal when beggars greet foreigners at every turn of the road. No doubt giving alms is believed to be a religious act but then alms are not meant for young and able-bodied persons. Unfortunately, all of our beggars are able-bodied. Thus this so-called charity leads to so many vices. Some of the groups of beggars are even involved in robberies and organised crime. The need of the hour is that this social evil must be finish. Healthy beggars should be forced to work. The disabled, crippled and blind beggars, however, should be kept in some charitable places where they should be fed provided with the labour they can perform despite being handicapped. Beggary should be declared illegal by an act of parliament. The public opinion should also be educated against it. The government should come forward to kill this evil. Let the assignment of begging for our leaders. -MOHSIN RAZA QAZILBASH, Faisalabad, May 7.