LAHORE Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Friday that the US has acted in a balanced and mature manner over the issue of Faisal Shahzad and Pakistan would extend all-out cooperation in this regard. Talking to the media on his arrival at Lahore Airport, the foreign minister said that both the countries were working in close cooperation with each other over the development and Pakistan would fully cooperate with the US. Qureshi termed US response over the issue in question 'mature, while also lauding the statement by New York mayor in which he had stated that he would not differentiate among US citizens on the basis of religion. The foreign minister alleged that electronic media in Pakistan was blowing the issue out of proportion. The tickers and news being run on various news channels are full of exaggeration, he complained. When asked the reason why every terrorist incident happening any where in the world is linked with Pakistan, Qureshi replied that no country linked terrorism with Pakistan at its own. It is actually we who provide them with the opportunity to do so, he observed. Replying to a question about US military aid to Pakistan and Indian fears in this regard, the minister said that India did not need to worry about it, as the aid coming from America would only be used for capacity building of our security agencies against terrorism. Talking about ongoing strategic dialogue with the US, he said negotiations for cooperation in different sectors between the two countries would conclude in two months. Qureshi further said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be visiting Pakistan this summer to hold further negotiations in continuation of the strategic dialogue. Responding to another query about death sentence awarded to Ajmal Kasab by Indian court, the foreign minister said that Pakistan would formulate its response after it received a copy of detailed judgment from the Indian government. He said Pakistan would also consult legal experts before formulating its response on the issue. To a question about resumption of composite dialogue with India, he said that he would contact his Indian counterpart to fix the date and discuss other modalities after the budget session of Indian parliament was over. He made it clear that the composite dialogue would include eight point agenda the two sides had previously agreed to pursue and discuss. On UK elections, he said that Pakistan would cultivate good relations with UK irrespective of which party assumed power in that country. He said the two countries were already cooperating with each other over issues related to terrorism.