LAHORE (PPI) - The Pakistan Railways has decided to suspend operations of five passenger trains, while the four Karachi and Quetta-bound trains destination will be curtailed under a proposed saving plan. A feasibility report in this regard has been completed but it requires the approval of the Prime Minister. According to senior officials of the railways, a study has been conducted on the directive of General Manager (operation) Muhammad Ishfaq Khattak as to how railways could save the fuel expenditures of passengers trains. This study revealed that railways was suffering Rs 1,054.95 million loss every year in the operation of five passenger trains. The details of annual earning, variable cost and loss facing by railways through these trains were as under: Shalimar Express (Lahore-Karachi) earning Rs 482.117 million, cost Rs 407.660 million loss Rs 74.457 million, Shah Rukne Alam ((Multan-Karachi) earning Rs 207.377 million, cost Rs 292.862 million, loss Rs 85.485 million, Chiltan Express (Faisalabad-Quetta) earning Rs 269.591 million, cost 612.178 million, loss Rs 342.587 million, Tezro Express (Karachi-Mardan) earning Rs 311.244 million, cost Rs 810.060 million, loss Rs 498.816 million, Peshawar Passenger earning Rs 3.397 million, cost Rs 57.006 million, loss Rs 53.609 million. The railways was bearing Rs 984.572 million in fuel cost head, while rolling stock including 16 locomotives, economy, AC Parlour, AC Lower, passenger parcel and power vans were also being used for operation of such trains. The study revealed that railways could save more than Rs 1 billion after closing the operation of these five trains. The report said department could save Rs 77 million through curtail the destination of some Karachi bound trains because pervious government started these trains on political grounds. According to proposed future plan the passenger trains which destination would be curtailed was as under: Millat Express would run between Faisalabad-Karachi, Super Express would run between Sargodha-Karachi, Quetta Express would run between Rawalpindi-Quetta. A senior officer of railways said that department could save Rs 1132 million per year through closing and curtailing the destination of these passenger trains, more over 16 extra locomotives would also available and railway could earn Rs 2500 million revenue after using these locomotives for freight trains operation. When this news agency contacted Shahid Aslam Mohar, Director Public Relations of Pakistan Railways, he said railways has prepared proposals about closure of some passenger trains but did not take any decision in this regard. The work was in progress and he could not confirm the final date for closing the operation of any train but it would be decided very soon and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani would take final decision during the forthcoming meeting.