PUNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has vowed to continue the Sasti Roti Scheme, which he said could not be rolled back by any future government. The same day, he had also chaired a meeting on wheat procurement, which thus gained in significance, because his promise to end corruption in the Scheme depends on efficient procurement by the Punjab government, since it depends on its having vast stocks of wheat. As he pointed out, the poor depended on the Scheme to keep body and soul together. However, the Scheme was subject to irregularities and flaws, which he vowed to eliminate. The Scheme has come under heavy criticism for being subject to the pilfering of wheat stocks, but the solution is closer monitoring. As for procurement, Mian Shahbaz said that no one would be allowed to exploit the small farmer, whose interest his government would safeguard. This is particularly significant, because misdeeds in procurement translate into extra costs for the Punjab government, and thus make the Scheme more expensive. Thus the Punjab government would be safeguarding its own interest if it safeguards the small farmers. The Scheme is not just a provision for welfare, but secures the very lives of its beneficiaries. Therefore, it merits being continued and spread, but with its flaws removed. Those flaws, which are the result of the greed of a few shortsighted individuals, have opened the Scheme up to a lot of criticism, with vested interests anxious to close down the Scheme. If the Sasti Roti Scheme can ensure an end to, or at least some restraint on, the abuses in procurement, it will not only benefit the poor directly, but also the farmers, who have been driven away from growing the national staple, precisely because of these difficulties. The Shahbaz government wishes to continue this Scheme, as it should, past itself, and ensure that future governments also implement it. For that, it will have to take measures that eliminate the flaws in the Scheme, as well as in wheat procurement.