LAHORE - A seminar titled 'World Press Freedom Day was held at Punjab University Institute of Communication Studies the other day where the speakers said the masses secure their fundamental right to know about the performance of rulers either they were working for their betterment or using mere words. A senior journalist Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami said on this occasion that democracy was the government of the people so the right to know should also be for the people of Pakistan. He said media men are being used as a tool while delivering the truth for the public. This is the actual right of the people to know what is happening around. Freedom does not mean freedom of criticism on the government; rather it should be taken as freedom for making aware the public of real issues. Our vision must be very strong and optimistic, he added. Addressing the seminar, Daily Nawai Waqt Chief Reporter and Waqt News veteran anchor Salman Ghani said that today our students know how to take part in professional journalism. They know the demands of this field. He said almost 70 percent graduates of ICS come in the practical field every year. Today, we have democratic government in Pakistan that is why we could speak what we want. This freedom of expression is a blessing for us. Dean FBSS Prof Dr Mugees-uddin-Sheikh said on this occasion that we must realize the importance of Press Freedom Day. For how long we will celebrate this day in Pakistan? We must follow the footsteps of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in our journalistic needs. He further said that many journalists have given their lives for this profession, adding we should respect this profession and fulfil its requirements after joining it. Renowned TV anchor and journalist Sohail Warrich said that journalists rendered numerous sacrifices in the past while discharging their duties. If we could raise our voice today at any channel, it is due to the sacrifices of our colleagues, he added. He further said we must approve some laws on World Press Freedom Day to make public more aware of all social and political happenings. When some TV anchors cross their limit of freedom, they create waves of unrest among the public. Director ICS Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz said that we celebrate this day at the institute to make students aware of the importance of the World Press Freedom Day. Prof Dr Mughees has started many new programs in this institute and he also initiated celebrations of Press Freedom Day. , adding Journalism is very tough field and students must be prepared before joining this field.