I have read and shivered at the horrifying comments the Americans are giving on social websites discussing what punishment should be given to Fasial Shahzad. After reading those comments, my immediate impression is that Americans are burning with hatred after being under the constant strain of terror for so long. They think their socio-economic life has been ruined and Muslims are behind this. They think Muslims are taught to do violence from the very first day of their lives in the name of Jihad. They are showing such extreme hatred on a failed attempt while neglecting totally what they have done to Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and the inhuman torture at Guantanamo Bay, Bagram jail and other secret torture cells. They are all in this war against terror which George Bush had called 'a Crusade in a slip of tongue. A failed, and quite childish at that, attempt has caused an earthquake in America. Whatever Faisal Shahzad has done are not the teachings of Islam. The psychological aspects of this act must be analysed keenly. Rather than assuring America of full support, Islamabad must provide support to Faisal Shahzad as it is the prime duty of a state to provide support and protection to its citizens. Our media, which is a champion of justice, should at least stop projecting the American viewpoint in this affair and portray the true picture. -FATIMA SIDDIQUI, Karachi, May 7.