The issue at hand is a complicated mess. A certain Ms Naghma Mushtaq won a seat in the Punjab Assembly on a PML-Q ticket in February 2008 from PP-206, Lodhran. After being declared successful, Ms Mushtaq viewed the landscape which showed the PML-N as the majority party in the Punjab and, as is the wont of all our politicians to be forever with the side thats batting, quickly joined the forward bloc of PML-Q. Mr Mushtaq is no longer alive which makes Naghma Mushtaq a widow. The centuries old culture of the sub-continent portrays widows as being alone, helpless and vulnerable in society thus deserving of sympathy. Whereas this may be true in the case of underprivileged segments, it certainly is not true in the case of those who contest elections and seek political power. So, the attempt by Naghma Mushtaq to try and get sympathy on the basis of being a widow is unacceptable and is an insult to educated women. The word education is another case in point or debate in her case. It has also come to light that the infamous BA degree which she professed she had (to have been able to overcome the requirement of the Musharraf era) is fake. For this reason alone, she should not be allowed to contest elections again. Anyone with a proven record of dishonesty should not be representing the pathetic, helpless millions of this country who have always got a raw deal. Although the jaali degree wallahs are found in most parties, they seem to be particularly present in the PML-N and the chief minister, stronger than before because of the 18th Amendment, ought to steer clear of them. The contest for this particular seat has become more interesting because the prime ministers brother, Syed Ahmed Mujtaba Gilani, heretofore unknown, has decided to contest the elections from here. So, in a sense, the federal government candidate has been pitched against the candidate, the mentioned Ms Mushtaq, who enjoys the support of the provincial government and affluent people. On one hand, you have Naghma Mushtaq who is asking people to elect her because she is a widow and therefore needs to earn her keep, the poor woman. On the other side, you have the prime ministers brother trying to get that slot. Why each member of the family of those in power have to be facilitated in to becoming some bodies, whet-her they deserve it or not, also remains a bone of contention for the great majority of us. The PML-Q, whose candidate Ms Mushtaq was originally in 2008, has decided not to put up a candidate thus siding with the prime ministers brother to get their own back against Nagh-ma Mushtaq. For someone wanting to understand how our politics tick, the study of the candidates for PP-206 would give them a crash course in why people tire of politicians quickly because the more things change, the more they remain the same in Pakistan. Nobody but nobody wants to contest because they want to bring betterment in the common mans lot and the reasons for contesting, for allotting of tickets are all wrong. The stomach for fake degrees and dishonesty is tremendous with the Dasti case being a prime example. It was interesting to see the MQM attempt an inroad into Punjab with their province wide conventions recently. Farouk Sattar, spoke to the masses in carefully cultivated Punjabi and I think endeared himself greatly when he said: