LAHORE SPM Lahore Veterans Cricket League chief organiser Aizad Hussain Sayid has said the local cricket needs Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) as it is becoming part of Test and First class cricket. UDRS, where each team will be allowed to make two unsuccessful reviews per innings. If a review is successful, the team retains that referral. The final of the 71-day event will be played on Model Town Whites track, Model Town F-Block, where Sayid Papers Mills Stags will take on national champions Lahore Whites. We have brought 13 veteran cricket teams from Lahore in the first edition that shows that cricket for players above 40 is on the rise and interest in such cricket is spreading everywhere. The event will become a prestigious in PVCA-approved national calendar that provides Test and first class cricketers of yester years a platform, added Aizad. The Group-A comprises Lahore Gymkhana Seniors, Lahore Greens, Lahore Muhammadan, Aligarh Seniors, Lahore Eagles, Sayid Paper Stags, Lahore Tigers while Group-B saw Lahore Whites, Sayid Paper Bucks, U-Slim Textile Tigers, HBFC Seniors, Lahore Yellows, Siddiq Motors in action. Pakistan Veterans Cricket Association (PVCA)s Chief Executive Officer and events chief patron Ashiq Hussain Qureshi announced that the winner of the league will get Rs one lac while the runner up will get Rs 50,000. Player of the Tournament will get Rs 15,000. In every match there is man of the match award worth rupees 1500 while best batsman, bowler, fielder and wicket keeper will pocket Rs.7500 each.