PUNE (India) With international cricket being played around the globe 12 months a year, WBW (Wife Before Wicket) may become almost as common as LBW, feels Kersi Meher-Homji, an Indian Parsi descent cricket historian based in Australia. He is the nephew of former cricketer Khershed Meherhomji. Kevin Pietersen will walk off the field mid-match during a World Twenty match and fly home if his wife goes in labour for their first child. As soon as she goes into labour, Ill be off, Pietersen is reported to have said. Should WBW be allowed? Well, why not, but certainly not during the course of a match. For Petes sake Pietersen, a T20 match lasts less than three hours, he writes on The Road, the sports opinion website. The Australian media went berserk when Michael Clarke left the New Zealand tour to sort out problems with former girlfriend Lara Bingle in March. I wonder how the English media will react, he said. It happened to Fanie de Villiers in 1992 but not during an international match but in provincial game and the team was a allowed a substitute player although the game had started. Substitute players are allowed to take place in unusual circumstances on the first day of a game but not after the close of play, another international cricket writer Trevor Chesterfield said.