LAHORE - The situation turned violent outside the Sessions Court on Friday when a man along with some hooligans started beating his ex-wife after a Family Court Judge Ch Imran Ali passed a decree in latters favour in a suit for dissolution of marriage. The defendant Qaiser Mehmood, husband of the plaintiff woman, caught the lady outside the court premises in an alleged bid to kidnap her after giving good thrashing obviously offended by the plaintiffs exercise of legal right of getting the divorce. The plaintiff through her counsel Shahid Ali Duloot advocate pleaded before the court the defendant used to torture and beat his client daily. He had also developed illicit relations with other women. The plaintiff further said after marriage they enjoyed some happy days but as the time passed on the defendant activities became very objectionable as he remained drunk all the time and tortured her on petty issues. After the family court judge decided the suit in plaintiffs favour, the defendant got infuriated and threatened the plaintiff of dire consequences as soon as they came out of courtroom which culminated in the scene of alleged abduction outside the premises. Giving account of the incident to this scribe, sister of the plaintiff Farzana said when she left the room along with Razia BB, her maternal uncle and mother, the defendant along with other goondas chased them. As they reached the main gate of the Sessions Court gate, the defendant caught his former wife and started beating her for getting the divorce, she said, adding he also wanted to kidnap her sister. Counsel of the plaintiff Shahid Ali Duloot said when the matter became serious, Sessions Court security incharge, a sub-inspector of Islampura Police Station, interfered and got the matter resolved between the parties. The defendant left the place hurling life threats on his ex-wife, the counsel said, adding he had also brought the matter into the notice of the aforesaid court in advance keeping in view the evil designs of the defendant. The women are not only exposed to discrimination in a male dominated society, but also tortured for using their legal rights which every citizen is entitled to according to the Constitution of Pakistan, a woman lawyer said, adding who cares for the laws that are restricted to books only.