The political disconnect between people of Pakistan and ruling civil executive, or the security establishment, was never so visible as it is following the shocking realization that there is serious security lapse and nobody seems to accept this responsibility. The world's most wanted terrorist and criminal is found in Abbotabad within 1 km of Kakul Academy and it seems that honour and shame are no longer a virtue to be found in our uniformed services, for none has resigned and apologized to this nation, which has given its all so that our defence capability is not compromised. What we see instead is that the PM left on yet another foreign junket and as soon as he arrived, the President departs for yet one more, in an endless series of official visits, of which this country has not benefited anything except humiliation. Where after all is our Minister for Defense, who having wrecked PIA is now on the path of compromising our security establishment. The least that should be expected is that either the PM or his Defense Minister must resign followed by the resignation of DG ISI who reports to the PM. It is just not merely an intelligence failure but the unacceptable delay in awakening the army and our air force to detect the intrusion and coming into action to protect the violation of our territorial integrity. The President who is the Supreme Commander should have reprimanded the Army Chief and PAF Chief for this unacceptable failure. But what can you expect when the President has all his assets located within NATO territories and Gulf states, while the PM is in a hurry to possess them and the Minister for Defense is rumoured to be either in possession of a foreign residential status leading to a nationality or already has one. This country's finance and planning division have already been handed over to those were on payrolls of IMF, World Bank or such other financial institutions. Failure of our radar detection system and the unacceptable delay in awakening the sleeping khakis needs to investigated by an independent judicial commission, which should also investigate as to what happened to the $1.5 Billion radar detection system that was procured from Sweden by Gen Musharraf and to what extent did kickbacks compromise quality and specifications of the equipment that finally was delivered. Security of the state is too important a matter and heads must roll for this national humiliation and international embarrassment. Nobody including the top brass of the uniformed services is more sacrosanct than national dignity and sovereignty. In any case it is high time the Army, the Airforce and Navy distanced themselves from their expanding corporate interests in real estate, industry, retail business, petrol pumps and transportation such as NLC, so that their basic task which is defending our geographical boundaries is not compromised as it has been in this case in Abottabad. G. ZAMAN, Abbotabad, May 7.