The sentiment in Pakistan over the unilateral commando strike in Abbottabad had hardly cooled down, and there was talk among sections of the public on how to put an end to US adventurism on our soil, when a drone strike on a hotel and a seminary in North Waziristan left 17 people dead. Like always there are reports that there were many innocents who died in the attack. This may be a routine strike for the CIA but this should be taken as a warning that the US has no intention at all to stop violations of our sovereignty. Indeed, this should be taken as a warning shot by the CIA that it is intensifying and ultimately paving the way for greater US military aggression in Pakistan. In Quetta the rocket and a grenade attack in a recreation park by unknown miscreants that led to the death of 8 people and wounded many others is only the start of the backlash of the Abbaottabad incident. These are highly turbulent times for Pakistan and those who are at the helm including the Army high command must not forget the example of Iraq, where the US in the initial phase kept a no fly zone and continued aerial bombardment with regular intervals. Ultimately it toppled the regime of Saddam Hussain despite his past record of toeing the American line. The US then invaded the country on the trumped up charge of weapons of mass destruction and that the country was a safe haven for terrorists. The entire country as a result of US invasion witnessed one of the worst bloodletting in modern history. Our military as well the political leadership ought to realise that the way there are licking the boots of Uncle Sam, and have literally leased the entire homeland to it, it is only a dark abyss of slavery and chaos that we are hurling ourselves into. There is a perception and indeed for all the right reasons that the Zardari set-up is acting as if it was some subordinate unit within the White House ready at the beck and call of Oval office. Concurrently, the recent operation and the submissive reaction by the COAS is making the man on the street question whether our Army was a military wing of America. The credibility of the political leadership and the Army is at stake and the only way to regain their confidence is that of posing firm defiance against the US. American drones, stealth copters as well as special ground forces venturing on our soil should be made to face the fury of Pakistans military power. After getting bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, if the US can still take on another nuclear power, that is considered to be one of the best fighting forces in the world, and also has the support of China and the Muslim world then so be it. This is how we can stop the drone attacks, protect our sovereignty and finally regain our rightful status in the comity of nations.