Former Foreign Minister of military dictator Pervez Musharrafs regime, Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri has, during his lecture at a function organised by Pakistan Focus, unveiled a plan agreed upon by both India and Pakistan. According to this plan, Islamabad and New Delhi had agreed on a solution for resolving the 64-year old Kashmir dispute. For 15 years a joint mechanism had to be implemented under which the disputed India-held Kashmir Valley had to be governed by representative of Kashmiri people, India and Pakistan. Under this arrangement, India had to pullout its troops from occupied areas and Pakistan had to do the same from its part of the Valley. An average Pakistani reader must have been in a state of shock to learn about this plan that can be termed as a conspiracy against Kashmiri freedom fighters struggling to rid their valley from the clutches of the Indian forces as well as people of Pakistan. The nation should thank Allah Almighty who did not allow such a regime to stay in power to implement such a nefarious plan on Kashmir against the will of its people. One fails to understand whose case Mr Kasuri was pleading while vomiting such words. Doesnt he know that nothing could be imposed on the struggling people of Kashmir against their will and contrary to the aspiration of Pakistani people? Such a plan would have undermined the six decade long struggle that has claimed a massive human toll. This would have also rendered the sacrifices of the unarmed, innocent people of the Valley. Such voices should be silenced that jeopardise not only the cause of the Kashmiri people but harm the national interest of Pakistan. The so-called plan would have only served Indian objective of casting an evil eye on Pakistani part of the Kashmir Valley. How could such a devastating game plan be accepted that supports Indian stance? Mr Kasuri by revealing your thoughts on Kashmir you have harmed the cause of the Kashmiri people. We request you to stay shut. Keep such plans close to your chest and do something else to serve the interest of your masters.