Working at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital has been a life changing experience for me. Its hard to believe that in Pakistan or unfortunately what has become of our dear homeland, an institution like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital continues to exist. The hospital continues to serve the people of the country in an unmatched manner. There is no place in Pakistan where everyone is treated equally. Had it not been for SKM, the concept of 'equality would have been considered just a theory that cant be practically be implemented in the real world. They say that when Imran Khan presented his idea of making the hospital to some of the top healthcare professionals, 19 of the 20 persons said it was just not possible to make while the one who said it was possible to make did not think it could be sustained. So what has kept it going? I am always fascinated to see the level of professionalism of the staff, the rare smiling front-desk staff, the dedicated administration, the commitment of its staff to uphold principles, the honest and true leadership where systems are impeccable and the fervor of its donors and supporters who keep it going and most of all the enduring love for a mother. The sheer existence of SKM makes me wonder just how much Imran Khan must have loved his mother to have done the impossible. SKM is truly the ultimate symbol of enduring love for a mother and an institution that truly needs to be recognized on Mothers Day. We give our mothers flowers and gifts every year on Mothers Day but let us all vow to become the 'Imran Khans and do something truly great, that will make a difference for humanity even beyond our lives. Happy Mothers Day SAIMA AFZAL, Lahore, May 7.