‘Mother’s ’Day’ all over the world on different dates, this celebration started when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in America in 1908 for the very first time. After that, she ran a campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day annually.

Pakistan celebrates Mother’s Day on May 8 every year. This day is celebrated to honor mother, motherhood and all hardships born by Mother for her children. Pakistan is a country where the elders are given due respect, but now the culture has changed. Children are busy in their lives forgetting to spend quality time with their parents. Every day is a mothers’ day but this day provides an opportunity for all of us to say ‘thank you’ to our mother for that she has done for us.

The selflessness of a mother is unique in the world and children can never repay her for all that she does for them. We should also remember those mothers who have sent their sons to fronts and to the battle fields to defend the country. These mothers are real pride of Pakistan. I salute all mothers of Pakistan.


Lahore, May 6.