LAHORE -  Imran Khan fell off the lifter when he was getting to the stage to address a rally. Moments after hearing the news I happened to watch the fall on a TV channel which left me terribly shaken. It was awful.

The more and more I watched the footage, my scare for his life swelled. Knowing that Imran Khan has fallen off the stage, I turned to the TV, thinking that he might have dazed due to his exhausting schedule.

I saw on TV, a handsome man wearing shalwar kameez and an attractive smile on his face. The man fell and it was dreadful. I felt helpless. The memory of a cold night of December 27, 2007 recurred into my mind. The comparison was horrendous. All the analysis and guesses, I have been hearing about the indefinite delay in elections crept into my mind. I thought ‘the establishment’ won’t use this incident to annihilate elections.

But I was more concerned about the man who got injured, who was my hero, my hope for a better Pakistan. How could he be unwell?

He is the one who enlightened hope among millions. He shouldn’t be dead. I need him. My country needs him. I respect you Imran Khan and love you for what you want to do.