It might look odd that India should be making no bones about the background and the purpose of sending Sarabjit Singh to Pakistan, and saying that it was not only Sarabjit, a RAW agent, who was sent here to carry out a mission, but several other missions of this nature were also accomplished in the ‘90s. But it reflects India’s arrogance in dealing with Pakistan to show its dominance in the subcontinent. A Hindustan Times (HT) report says: "Sarabjit was an Indian spy in Pakistan. He managed to accomplish the task given to him but was caught while trying to flee," said an intelligence source who refused to elaborate more on the operation. A former intelligence official, who dealt with Sarabjit's case, said the operation executed by Sarabjit didn't serve any tactical purpose but still the agency had executed many such missions during 90s. "Some of the operations...were totally mindless. Sometimes, the agency officials executed operations out of personal bravado that they can get 'something' done in Pakistan," said the official.

Sarabjit had been threatened after Afzal Guru was executed in India in February 2013 over his alleged role in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack case. Some sources had indicated that the attack was planned after Guru's execution. The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, termed the accident "very sad". On 29 April 2013, India appealed to Pakistan to release Sarabjit on humanitarian grounds or at least allow him to be provided medical treatment in India, but these were repeatedly rejected by Pakistan. The HT report indicates a dangerous turn in Indo-Pak bilateral relations. If New Delhi was carrying out terrorist activities as early as the 1990s, how then can the two SAARC neighbours ever succeed in normalising ties? There was a similar case of Surjeet Singh who was released by Pakistan and the moment he landed on the Indian soil, he also confessed that he was a spy sent on a mission to Pakistan. For those crying hoarse over Pakistan being less "India-centric", given the unravelling plot of the terrorist Sarabjit and others like him, do you think we have a choice?