The letter ‘Child burnt alive’ in your newspaper of May 04 was truly a wonderful write-up, and I hope an eye-opener for our government that has been slumbering for the last five years. There have been several cases of child abuse in Pakistan but I think that everyone needs to take an interest as well as responsibility. I can understand that there are poor parents who have no alternative than to put their children to work but there have to be laws in the country to put a stop to cruelty to children.

Children need love and care as well as discipline but that has to be within human endurance not cruelty. I have many friends who are beaten by their parents when they disobey them, I think that physical violence leaves heavy scars on children for years to come. I hope that children will be treated better in Pakistan in the future and someone will look to it that parents and the state are held responsible.


Lahore, May 6.