PTI candidate for NA-57 Malik Amin Aslam alleged that local prayers leaders (Imams) of various mosques here have launched political propaganda against his party chairman and remonstrated with the officials concerned about these persons.

He said that his party opponents had foreseen their defeat in the forthcoming general elections thus they had launched propaganda against him and the PTI chairman, and termed it violation of the election code of conduct.

Amin, who is also a former state minister, told The Nation at his residence that the local prayers leaders of different mosques are delivering speeches against his aprty during sermons. He feared that it might create law and order situation. He said that he had informed the district returning officer, returning officer, the DPO Attock and other officers concerned and urged them to take a notice against the situation.

He also informed the European Union observers Sonia Miguel Pereira De Figueiredo and Alen Valentin about the practice. He alleged that Qari Ismail of Eidgah Masjid (Lakori Road) during the last Friday sermon delivered a speech against the PTI chairman.

He further said that during the forthcoming Friday sermon on May10, a day before general elections, they would also woo the public against the PTI. He nominated in his complaint against the prayers leaders of mosques in Mohalla Eidgah, Muslim Gunj, Ghoughushti and of Madina Masjid, Jamia Ishaatul Islam and Masjid Loharan.

He said that in the prevailing atmosphere, such sermons could cause political unrest and lawlessness in the area.