HARIPUR/PESHAWAR/SWABI - PML-N Nawaz Sharif has said that the subjugators of the constitution and law breakers are traitors.

Addressing a public meeting in Haripur on Tuesday‚ he said May 11 will be the day of revolution in Pakistan. He pledged soft loans and employment to the educated and skilled youth.

Nawaz said he will make the country a new Pakistan if elected to power. Nawaz also pledged that his party will establish Hazara province after coming into power. Addressing a huge crowed in Peshawar, the former prime minster, without taking the name of Imran Khan, said a player was abusing him and using vulgar language against him, but PLM-N would continue to work for the betterment of the country. He said when lion (his election symbol) roared on May 11, all the people who were abusing him would run away.

Nawaz told the youth possessing original degrees that his next government would provide loans to them on soft terms for establishing their own business. The PML-N chief said his party would bring normalcy and peace to the country if voted to power. He said there was no load shedding, unemployment and unrest in Karachi and Balochistan and there were no terrorist incidents during the PML-N governments. He said gas and electricity was available for the masses during his regime.

Nawaz asked the audience to vote for his party's nominees for change and peace in the region. Vote for PML-N would ensure bright future of the coming generation and strengthen the country, he said, adding the people should come with the decision for the sake of the country on May 11.

“I have not only played in grounds but also delivered and completed various developmental projects,” Sharif said, adding he had a dream to complete motorway from Peshawar to Kabul and Tashkent, which would turn the country into an opportunity zone for rapid development.

Promising to distribute sweets among the people over the victory of PMLN, Nawaz said on May 11 there would be no change, but revolution in the country. “I will build a motorway from Peshawar to Kabul and it would be extended to central Asian states,” he said, while addressing his supporters.

“Youth are with me and I will change the country with their help. We will take the country to the new heights of progress,” he asserted. Nawaz said electricity was not available for 20 hours in the area, adding industry had been closed and no business was progressing. Nawaz Sharif pledged to provide jobs to all the educated and skilled youth if voted to power on May 11.

Later, addressing a public meeting in Swabi‚ he said the country would be taken to new heights of development and prosperity. He said the brave people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA had offered tremendous sacrifices in the war against terror. He said Fata would be made a cradle of peace.

“There was no loadshedding, terrorism, violence and target killings in my tenure,” Nawaz told the audience in Swabi, adding he would restore peace and bring prosperity to the country and make Pakistan the most developed state in the region.

Nawaz Sharif said if his party was voted to power, he would adopt result-oriented policies to revive the weak economy of the country besides taking steps to boost the economy. He said Pakistan was having a much better economy than its arch rival India in his era. “If we emerge victorious on May 11, we will formulate policies to rejuvenate the country’s economy. This is our determination and without economic revival it might be difficult to materialise our dreams of progress,” he said.

Criticising both Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan and President Asif Ali Zardari, he remarked: "Many people have entered the election field. There is one khilari (player) and another madari (juggler). Both are making false promises. Zardari is playing the political game while remaining behind the curtain and is not coming out. No doubt, he will meet his fate on May 11,” said Nawaz Sharif.

The PML-N chief said PPP could only be seen in the advertisements and were not in the field. He said 10 branches of different banks would be opened in the district to provide financial assistances to the unemployed educated youth on easy installments.