No other country in the world enjoys as many holidays as Pakistan, we have two official days off, in most organizations and now especially in the government sector. Then there is Friday, the day for ‘prayers,’ mostly the people who do not pray sleep in late and come to their jobs late or even open markets late. This makes two and half days off, again every now and then in a week there is at least one day [if not two days ] off due to some strike call, or birthday or death anniversary of a dignitary, this makes three and half day out of 7 days a week .

Then there are some holidays by force, which can be either a half day or no days work. Work is disrupted due to like non availability of CNG, ban on pillion riding, no electricity or gas, sudden closures due to some killing. Now the people of Karachi work for only three days and in these three working days the government offices work from 10am to 2pm that is 4 hours, with one hour lunch break, they work for only 3 hours instead of an eight hours working day. So the output is hardly 20 percent, same can be calculated for the private set ups that too will not exceed 33 percent the effect of non availability of gas and electricity makes the situation even worst.

The gross national productivity can be easily judged by this, how much are we losing and how can one compete in the world? These holidays effect production, increase in joblessness, increase in poverty, lethargy, depression in the country as people become poorer and instead of working they depends on begging or cheating or stealing. This is an extremely alarming situation for an under developed country like Pakistan. The Government can at least cancel Saturday as holiday and reduce the birthdays and death anniversaries of our great leaders.


Karachi, May 6.