Teachers can provide quality education when they are satisfied with their environment, but the teachers of Worker Welfare Board (WWB) KP, have never been satisfied during their service tenure. They have been leading a stressed life as they are living daily under Damocles’ sword, receiving daily legal notices as well as unlawful letters from the Board Authorities. Their salaries are never paid on time and sometimes they have to wait three or more months to receive them. Recently, to quote one example of their torturous life, the honourable Secretary WWB extended their contract for three years, after they were recommended by their respective principals, but after his retirement the present Additional Secretary cancelled all the extensions given, thus depriving many of jobs.

How can these teachers teach with a free mind when they are about to lose their jobs? Where will they go when they are relieved from their current jobs? The concerned authorities need to think about high unemployment while some newly appointed Additional Secretary takes such decisions. They are requested to stop this torturing of teachers, as well as the non-teaching staff of the WWB concerned schools, otherwise they will all have no other option than to go on strike or knock the doors of the court. What exactly has been gained by this action of the current additional secretary is hard to understand!


Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, May 4.