LAHORE - Taking strict view of the noise and hooliganism created by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf activists on the arrival of their leader Imran Khan at Lahore High Court, Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial has sought written explanation from his counsel over the incident on next date of hearing.

The chief justice wants PTI chief Imran Khan to tell the court that why his party activists did not respect the court honour and create noise in and outside the courtroom while petition against alleged rigging in NA-122 was about to be heard.

Imran had come to the Lahore High Court to attend the proceedings of a petition filed by National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq against an order of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) about inspection of ballots in NA-122. Imran had lost this seat to Ayaz and the PTI chief obtained an impugned order from ECP.

A number of PTI activists, who were already present at Lahore High Court when Imran Khan arrived there, followed him when he was going to attend the proceedings of the case. They were chanting slogans against a local television channel and alleged rigging in general elections while entering courtroom following their leader Imran Khan.

But, the security personnel closed the door of the CJ’s courtroom from inside, leaving many of PTI activists outside. The charged workers tried to force their entry, partially damaging the room door and making walkthrough gate to fall down.

The chief justice asked Ahamd Owais to advise Imran’s supporters not to make noise in courtroom and maintain court’s sanctity. However, the situation remained out of control which led the Chief Justice to leave the courtroom to his chamber, where he completed the hearing of the case he had already been hearing.

Latter, Ahmad Owais and Maqsooma Bukhari, the counsel of Ayaz Sadiq, went to CJ’s chamber and requested him to hear their case there but he declined their request and observed that the case was of great significance and he would hold its hearing in an open court rather than hearing it at his chamber.

Finally when hearing of Imran Khan’s case started, Ahmad Owais told the court that his client always respected courts and believed in supremacy of the law and sanctity of courts. However, Maqsooma said there should be visible difference between attending a court and a political gathering. As this, the chief justice observed that the sanctity of the courts must be maintained.

The CJ remarked though contempt notice is not being issued to Imran, he is directed to tell the court that why his party workers ruined the sanctity of court. The chief justice further remarked that courts are open for all citizens and political leaders have their supporters, but if political leaders will not care about the courts’ sanctity then why would common man respect the courts. The court observed that the hearing of the main case will not be taken until an explanation is filed by PTI chairman on next hearing. The proceeding was adjourned until May 12.