LAHORE - The new tsunami of PTI to be launched on May 11 will not stop until real change takes place, says PTI chairman Imran Khan. He says his party can make hard demands, including the midterm polls, if the government failed to comply with their present demands within a specific period of time.
Addressing a press conference at his residence on Wednesday, he demanded legal action under Article 6 against those involved in stealing the general elections of 2013. Imran warned the government of serious consequences if it tried to stop the PTI tsunami .
“We waited for one long year for the sake of democracy but no answer has come up regarding our complaints about election rigging. The authorities concerned under the sitting government could not even check the rigging in the four constituencies proposed by us,” the PTI chairman said. “How I and my party men can derail democracy when there is no democracy in the country?”
Rejecting the allegations that PTI was dancing to the tunes of the establishment, he claimed: I would have not accepted the results of the 2013 polls if I was playing the game of the establishment. I accepted the results of 2013 elections but not the rigging.
Imran said PTI would advance its campaign against rigging phase-wise from May 11 if the government fails to comply with their demands, while the drive against rigging would later take loadshedding and price hike on its agenda. He said PPP-led government doubled the electricity tariffs in five years, but incumbent government ‘accomplished this task’ just in ten months.
The PTI head said that struggle for change would restart on May 11 from D-Chowk Islamabad, while those who think that the tsunami has died down would be shocked to see a huge crowd on that day and the movement of change would not end till a real change takes place in the country. He they have no intention of spreading anarchy in the country, as they were only demanding justice and would not surrender till they get it.
Imran alleged that Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman was running a character assassination campaign against him, but he should keep in mind that Imran would not run away, rather he would face and counter each move of his media group. He alleged that Najam Sethi, an anchor at Mr Shakeel’s TV channel, was appointed PCB chairman by the PML-N government as a reward for his role in election rigging when he was caretaker chief minister of Punjab.