Sohaib Rashid @sohaib2691
Today JI has beaten ANP, PPP & JUI on PK 95. Congrats to all :) JI shall Rise Bye bye Status Quo #DirVoted4Tarazu

Ahmad Shaheen @AhmadShaheen
Ahmad Shaheen retweeted Anas Jawed
A nice way to crush vip culture #DirVoted4Tarazu

Uzair Baqai @UzairBaqai
I still don't understand the mystery behind woman not voting in pk95 Why all political parties not encouraging women to vote #DirVoted4Tarazu

Ayesha Ahmed @Ayeshaspeaksnow
#DirVoted4Tarazu No wonder women were barred from voting there! #JI is a party which opposed the creation of #Pak ,a party of RADICALS!

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