Doubtlessly, every efficient and effective organization is built and also run on certain rules what we call the “stated rules and regulations” but it is a painful reality that there still exists a few organizations at the federal level, out of more than two hundred thirty six organizations, including ministries, divisions, authorities, body corporates, corporations,   which do not have the “stated rules” for the employees. 

Evil days of that particular organization started since its genesis because visionless people were appointed and that contemptuous practice still continues. Those who are appointed, many good things they say, speak during different events but they never ever bother to find a remedy, they always prefer to find faults in their predecessors, they pass the back if manage to get extension in their contractual employment, if not succeed in getting repeated  extension then just complete their contractual periods and vanish. Deliberately,  I am not disclosing the name of the said organization as they say “aqal mand ra ishara kafi ast”( A word is enough to the wise / A cue to the wise is sufficient)   but through this letter I am just trying to shake the conscious of those who have been associated with organization in different capacities around two decades. 

Hashim Abro, 

Islamabad, May 6.