LAHORE - Robbers shot a 55-year-old man dead in front of his teenage son in Badami Bagh police precincts yesterday, before easily fleeing on their two-wheeler.

Investigators identified the victim Muhammad Rafiq, a resident of Data Nagar, Badami Bagh. The body was moved to the morgue for autopsy.

Police official Muhammad Shahbaz said two unidentified motorcyclists killed the 55-year-old man “during attempted mugging.”

A robbery-cum-murder case under section 394 of the Pakistan Penal Code has been registered against unknown criminals, according to the official.

Rafiq, riding on a motorcycle along with his teenage son and a relative, was on his way home when two unidentified motorcyclists stopped them near Peco Chowk. They took out pistols and asked the three to hand over cash and mobile phones. The bandits shot Rafiq in the leg as he tried to overpower one of the bandits. The injured was rushed to the Mayo Hospital where he expired later.

A police investigator said the man died “because of excessive bleeding” since it took rescuers more than 40 minutes to shift the wounded to the hospital. The robbers snatched a cash bag from the victim and fled on their two-wheeler. There was no police patrolling in the busy area where the fatal shooting took place yesterday afternoon.

The Badami Bagh police removed the body to the morgue and are investigating with no arrest made yet.

Mugging and armed robberies are quite common in the metropolis where police report more than 20 armed robberies every day.

Hundreds of police patrol units are also unable to control street crime in the biggest city of the province.

On Friday, unidentified motorcyclists shot and killed a 45-year-old man at his doorstep in the posh Defense Housing Authority. The victim was identified as Ahsan Umar Rana, a resident of (W-block) DHA.

Police sources said two gunmen killed the man on offering resistance during a robbery attempt. The gunmen were chasing the car-rider on a motorcycle.

As Rana, reached his house in the evening two motorcyclists approached him. They held him up at gunpoint and demanded cash and valuables. The man made hue and cry, on which the bandits shot him dead.

FOUND DEAD: Two unidentified men were discovered dead from different parts of the metropolis yesterday. Police said that a 27-year-old man was found dead from Nawan Kot police precincts while a 70-year-old man was recovered dead from Shafiqabad.

Both the bodies, unidentified so far, were moved to the morgue. Further investigation is in process.

ACCIDENT: A young man got seriously wounded when a truck bumped into his motorcycle near Bhobatian Chowk on the Raiwind Road yesterday.

An eyewitness told the police that the road mishap took place because of over speeding.

A police officer described the condition of the 20-year-old man as “very critical” and said the police impounded the truck. However, the driver managed to escape from the crime scene.

Edhi ambulance shifted the injured to the Jinnah Hospital. The police have registered the case and are investigating the accident.