Every year on second Sunday of May, Mothers Day, the day to honour our mothers is celebrated all over the world. On this day all the children give presents to their mothers and express their love for them to make them feel special. 

Today's generation does not respect their mothers as they deserve. They do not spend time with their mothers and sometimes even refuse to do their work. They have forgotten the importance of their mothers. They cook delicious food and delicacies for them, which they like the most but thought that mothers are made for cooking. However, this is not so. During our studies she is our teacher, when we are ill they treat as a doctor. This means that, whether anyone is available for you or not, your mother is always there to help you. She is the one in the world who serves you the best of all and supports you in your good and bad time. So, we should not only give tribute to our mothers on mothers day but every day of the year. 

Ramsha Alavi, 

Karachi, May 5.