A theatre group in Amritsar sees arts as a bridge to mend cultural relations between Pakistan and India, reported Hindustan Times on Monday.

Theatre activist Jatinder Brar, theatre personality Kewal Dhaliwal and actor Anita Devgan say arts can revive the strained relationship between the two countries.

“Cinema and theatre are the only channels left which can revive amicable relations between the two countries. Let’s not slam doors on the artistes who have time and again tried to bridge the gaps,” they said in unison.

“A time would come when governments and forces on both sides would repent not mending ties with the other. These pathways of art should not close down,” the newspaper quoted Jatinder Brar as saying.

“Artistes on both sides should not stop their duty of promoting peace between both the countries,” said Kewal Dhaliwal.

“Filmmakers, artistes and actors should not be dragged in this disturbance between the nations, rather should be backed for playing a constructive role in improving the relations,” said Anita Devgan.