MIRPURKHAS -  Senior TV artist Manzoor Murad has said that artists are assets of the country, but they are living in miserable conditions.

He was talking to media persons in Digri Town on Sunday after recording of drama serial Bazyabi. He said that artists had no patronage. He said that both rulers and opposition leaders had looted country’s resources with both hands and took it to the verge of a collapse.

He said that a people’s revolution was around the corner and it would sweep away corrupt leaders. He said the next elections would prove the first step in this direction. “We have been hearing this from our childhood that the country is passing through a critical phase; we are waiting to hear that the country is in a good position,” he said.

Murad said that there was a need for complete accountability of the Pakistan Television because it had started telecasting the dramas rejected by private TV channels. As a result, national and regional level artists who worked with the PTV lost their jobs. They are now living in miserable conditions. Some of them are ill and waiting for government’s help for treatment at various hospitals.

He demanded that the government provide jobs to artists and help them without any discrimination. He said that Urdu channels’ monopoly should be broken and rights should be given to artists of all four provinces

On this occasion, senior artist and famous director Manzoor Danish and artists Shahid Rajput, Nawab Mehdi, Mir Hassan, Ajaz Kolachi and Asad Qureshi were also present.