CHAMAN: Census activities have resumed today in urban areas of Chaman. On the other hand, Bab-e-Dosti gate remained closed on the fourth day as border tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan are high.

According to security officials, Joint activity by Pak-Afghan geological survey teams will recommence today.

Due to the attack on Friday which killed 11 and injured 46, the visa section remained closed and all trade activities were suspended.

Pak-Afghan border remained on high alert as new batches of the Pakistan army and Frontier Corps were deployed due to the Afghans aggression.

Earlier Pakistan and Afghan military authorities, approved to determine the geographical border limits in the third Pak-Afghan flag meeting at the Bab-e-Dosti gate.

In an apparently deliberate and planned act of aggression, Afghan security forces Friday morning opened fire at Pakistani census teams near Chaman border.

The assault provoked a response from the Pakistani side, resulting in hours-long exchange of fire in which both sides also used heavy arms - killing at least 15 people, nine of them on Pakistani side.

Relations between the countries have been uneasy since Pakistan's independence in 1947. Afghanistan has traditionally enjoyed better ties with Pakistan's arch rival, India.

Both countries for years have also accused each other of sheltering militants on their soil that both countries allegedly use against each other as proxies.

Tension has been increasing in recent months amid new exchanges of accusations of not doing enough to tackle militants engaging in cross-border raids.