MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Beheaded body of a six-year-old boy was recovered six days after his disappearance from his house here on Sunday.

Police said that the boy was killed after allegedly being sodomised by a fake faith-healer in Khokharabad Jungle near Lalamusa. Relatives of the boy protested against the police for being lethargic to investigate the matter timely which, they alleged, caused death of the boy.

According to the bereaved family, Class-I student Arsalan Haider of suburban village Kandhawala went to bring yogurt from a nearby shop but did not return. His parents and other family members searched him everywhere but he could not be located. They reported the incident to the Civil Lines Police but the SHO did not register a case for three days. The family brought the incident into the knowledge of the DPO on whose orders the SHO registered a case and launched investigation.

During investigation, the police arrested a suspected fake faith-healer Shah who, during investigation, admitted that he abducted the boy and took him to Khokharabad Jungle near Lalamusa. The accused also confessed having sodomised the boy and thereafter killed him and buried the dead body there. He led the police to the place from where the police recovered beheaded body of the boy.

After post-mortem, the police handed over the body to the family. Relatives along with villagers placed the dead body on railway track and protested against the police for dillydallying investigation for three days. "Had the investigation been launched timely, life of the boy would have been saved," they regretted. The protest had kept train service suspended for five hours.

At which the police, railway authorities and local notables arrived and assured the protestors of exemplary punishment to the culprit. They also expressed grief over the tragic death of the boy and sympathised with the bereaved family.